Tools included


Driver Application

This is mainly created to share the logistic load on the driver. We can on run time track where the driver is using the mobile app they can install to track the orders. It can also create report of which driver did what orders in what time. These basic tracking tools will enhance the performance as well as remode the logistic overhead of dispatching.
The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Market Place.

Menu Admin

Business owner can update the menu of the restaurants he is managing. Like the restaurants he has added. He can update the menu pricing. Add Markups on the category level.

Restaurant Menu Admin

Business owner can have restaurant owner login an update menu if he wishes. He can also see the reports.

Reporting Engine

Business owner as well as restaurant owner can have the reporting based on different charts. They can export data in excel if they want to run even complex reports. Also at any point of time if they have decided a criteria for the restaurant commission they can see their profits at any point of time.

Automated Order Confirmation

If the application is deployed with driver application then once the driver accepts the order an automated call can be made to the restaurant to confirm the order.

Restaurant Receipt Printer

If the restaurant does not have a fax or email option they can buy the receipt printer which connects directly to our cloud and print the order as soon as its placed and also alert the user.

RDS Printer