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By FoodNearU Owner.

Well i have started a food deliver service in east bay area and am still running it.

The major challenges i have seen is expanding the market area from where you are to other areas.

Challenges : Signing up restaurant as most of the restaurants would take more than 1 trip before they signup.

Getting reliable driver is second challenge. Mainly will have to work with human cloud.

Making sure you manage the drivers.

Solutions: We used a out of the box solution from and lot of our principles and asked a lot of customization to them. Like add feature like distance based billing, Prioritize (Show restaurants who give better commissions on the top) Markup, Driver application, Driver locator, Menu customization, Custom restaurant, Beverages for delivery menu, Pickup option is the customer wish to pickup, website template based, SEO, Facebook ordering etc.

Signing up restaurant we had created tons of different written material as well as reaching out owners with value proposition as we take a percentage of the bill. If anyone planning to add an area our team would love to work with them and provide them the solution with our marketing and infrastructure if they plan too.

Website, mobile apps as well as incoming phone call handling all needs to be taken care.

Would not mind sharing our experience with anyone seriously interested. Can write me a message we can schedule a call.


Check it out on Quora.

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